Pay Your Bill

Pay your bill by credit card, debit card OR with your checking and savings account *(ACH). When paying your statement online, you will protect your account information from identify theft, save on postage, and gain freedom to process your payment anytime, day or night! If you are unable to pay your balance in full, you now have the ability to set up automatic monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments, upon approval!

There are two ways to pay your bill online. Click on "Pay Your Bill" link below. You can enroll in Electronic Statements or if you’re not ready to enroll in Electronic Statements, use the “Make a quick online payment” link on the same web page. If you choose to enroll in Electronic Statements, after receiving notification that your electronic statement is available, you can view your statement online and pay your bill at the same time. All you need is your method of payment and the statement document code. It’s that easy!

*College Park Family Care Center, P.A. does not charge to enroll or use Electronic Statements or Electronic Payments. However, if you choose to pay by ACH and payment is presented on insufficient funds, College Park may charge a $30 NSF fee.

Pay Your Bill

Electronic Statements

Enrolling in Electronic Statements will allow you to:

  • pay your bill online
  • receive your statement quicker
  • protect your identity and health information
  • have access to your statement from any computer
  • review a 12-month rolling statement history (if applicable) that will be print enabled

To enroll in Electronic Statements you must first receive a paper statement. Find the "Document Code" below your address. Go to My Secure Bill and click on the link "Don’t have an account yet? Create one now!" Use your document code to fill in the requested information, and then click "Continue to Registration". You will receive a validation email immediately upon registering. Make sure to validate your registration and you are done!

Once you have enrolled in Electronic Statement, you do not need to enroll again. Make sure to add to your address list so you won’t miss the email notification regarding your statement.