Our pain management team, headed by Dr. Sean Wheeler and Dr. Lan Nguyen-Knoff, who specialize in managing pain, but do not provide medication management.

Dr. Sean Wheeler

Dr. Wheeler treats pain that is associated with several conditions, such as:

  • back/neck/shoulders
  • joints and muscles
  • sports injuries

As the team physician for Johnson County Community College athletics, he is familiar with treating injuries in athletes and can address those common occurrences of pain associated with those particular injuries. His approach to helping manage pain has helped to get athletes back to play quicker and with less.

Dr. Wheeler has also authored a book called Uprise, which helps give patients his advice on managing back pain.

To make an appointment with our pain management team, please call (913) 469-6447.

Dr. Lan Nguyen-Knoff

When patients suffer from chronic pain- such as the pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or chronic headaches- our pain management specialists look at the whole body and examine the root causes of pain to determine appropriate treatment and therapies.