College Park Family Care is proud to have an Integrative Medicine Clinic (IMC) as part of their primary care services. Our clinic combines a traditional medical approach with natural and holistic therapies. An Integrative Medicine approach is grounded in the following principles:

  • Addressing the needs of the whole person
  • Individualized care that honors the uniqueness of each person’s body
  • Balancing each patient’s body systems and addressing how they work together
  • Considering the root causes of health issues rather than just symptom management
  • Patient-centered care that empowers the patient to be an active part of their treatment plan using personalized nutrition support, diet and exercise.

You, the patient, are the center of the Integrative Medicine process—not a diagnosis or a disease. Our providers listen carefully to your health history and evaluate connections between your genetics, environment, and lifestyle. We use a comprehensive intake questionnaire, a physical exam, and detailed lab testing to gather a complete picture of how your body systems are functioning.

Program expectations

We are inviting you into a therapeutic partnership between you and our integrative medicine team. Each person has a unique expression of health and vitality, which means this process will look different for everyone. Clear expectations will help us be more successful as we create your wellness plan together. Please review the following expectations and let us know if you have any questions:

Patient expectations:

  • To have an established Primary Care Provider within College Park or elsewhere
  • To participate in the online Wellness Education Classes that are recommended to you
  • To have a willingness to work with our dietitians to make diet and lifestyle changes
  • To have a willingness to invest additional resources for specialty testing, quality supplements and nutrition/lifestyle education as needed
  • To complete required paperwork prior to the initial and all follow up visits

Provider expectations:

  • To provide a thorough analysis of your health status
  • To provide a detailed treatment plan after baseline assessments are reviewed
  • To provide ongoing support via scheduled face to face and virtual visits
  • To invite you into a wellness community that starts with live online education classes

Integrative medicine laboratory testing

The purpose of laboratory testing is to assist the clinician in finding the root cause of your symptoms. These tests help us to evaluate and address nutritional and other imbalances in your body. This integrative medicine clinic uses both standard blood tests (Quest and Labcorp) and other specialty laboratory companies to help us get a full picture of your health status. All tests are optional, but they are important to a complete assessment. We will inform you of approximate costs for these services, and you have the freedom to decide if you want them or not.

Standard lab assessment

(Quest or Labcorp) a baseline integrative medicine lab assessment is often more extensive than what insurance companies typically cover. We do our best to maximize your chances of coverage, but some labs may not be covered. Depending on individual deductibles, additional lab costs may be billed to directly to you. Most of our patients report paying about $200-$300 for these extensive lab panels.

Specialty lab assessment

We currently use 5-6 specialty lab companies to look deeper at body function and imbalances. You will be informed why the test is recommended, the expected cost to you, and options for submitting these costs to your insurance. We make no profit on these specialty tests and offer the lowest available prices. Prices vary from $130 up to $500 per test.

Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement options

Finding quality and trusted nutrition supplements is challenging. Widely available cheap supplements may be contaminated with toxins or may be ineffective. We offer quality supplements from trusted companies that have been vetted by our dietitians. These supplements are optional, and they are available both in office and online. All proceeds go to patient education and our College Park Missions fund that supports our employees in doing mission work.

  • Supplements available at College Park Offices – available at lower than retail pricing.
  • Online access to quality supplements – You can purchase from our secure online dispensary at a 15% discount. For access to online supplement ordering, please set up an account with Fullscript. Your clinician can send your personalized supplement recommendations directly to your email at the time of your visit. Create your account on Fullscript.

Integrative medicine education track

Providing science-based diet and lifestyle strategies to support health and wellness

  • Gut health: Heal your Gut: Heal your Body using a whole food based, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle approach to support a healthy gut environment (microbiome).
  • Sleep and stress: an in-depth look at Stress and Sleep Hormones - with focus on diet and lifestyle approaches to improve sleep patterns and build stress resilience.
  • Immune health: an in-depth look at supporting healthy immunity/auto-immunity and the diet and lifestyle approach to building healthy immune response.
  • Cardio-metabolic RESET: Anti-Inflammatory diet and lifestyle strategies to prevent and treat Chronic Disease (CVD, Hypertension, Pre and Type 2 Diabetes)
  • Weight loss roadblocks: calming down inflammation and toxicity as a foundation for lifelong weight management. A practical approach to supporting healthy weight loss, understanding common road blocks that can prevent weight loss or cause re-gain and practical ways to apply whole food and science based strategies for lifelong weight management.

*Your integrative medicine provider will circle 3 - 5 of these classes for you to attend based on your initial comprehensive assessment. Classes 1-3 are typically required for ALL New Integrative Medicine patients. They contain the foundational tools for a successful wellness plan. These classes are offered once per month in a live webinar format, with time for Q&A with one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Pricing is $30 per class. You can get $30 off by paying for all 5 classes up front. Sign up at check out after your appointment or by calling (913) 681-8866.

View the Classes We Offer

Learn more about Integrative medicine.

Conditions we treat

Integrative medicine helps relieve, and in many cases reverse, a variety of symptoms and diseases. Here is a list of common conditions we serve:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression and care
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Psychological support
  • Sleep disturbances

The Integrative Medicine Clinic is located within College Park Family Care of Stanley and College Park Family Care Center of Olathe Northwest.

Integrative Medicine Clinic hours

  • Monday 8:30am - 3:30pm
  • Tuesday 8:30am - 3:30pm
  • Wednesday 8:00am - 3:30pm
  • Thursday 8:30am - 4:00pm

To make an appointment with Dr. Ted Williams MD or Jeff Evilsizor PA call or ask for an appointment at the check-out desk at the Stanley office ((913) 681-8866) or with Amanda Morris call or ask for an appointment at the check desk at the Olathe Northwest office ((913) 829-2440).

The office staff at both of these locations will take your patient information including a current email and you will be given or sent via email, 2 documents that must be completed and returned before your first visit can be schedule with one of our integrative medicine providers.

Please thoroughly read and complete these 2 documents that can be emailed to you, can be downloaded from this site or can be handed to you from our office staff at our checkout counter.

**It is recommended that patients keep a copy of this completed paperwork for their own future reference, if needed.

Once we have received these 2 completed/signed forms in our office, a member of our staff will contact to you to schedule your first appointment with one of our Integrative Medicine providers.

Scheduling guidelines

Patients without any of the conditions listed above or requesting to be seen for weight loss, general wellness care, and/or hormone replacement, must be seen in Dr. Williams’ or Amanda Morris APRN regular clinic first to be screened to see if they are appropriate for the integrative medicine clinic.

Pediatric patients (anyone 18 years or younger) must be seen in Dr. Williams’ or Amanda Morris APRN regular clinic prior to scheduling in integrative medicine clinics. Oftentimes pediatric patients are referred to integratively trained dietitians who can meet the needs of the patient without requiring the full integrative medicine clinic.

It is very important to come to your first visit well prepared. In order to assist you in this process we have created 2 forms that can be completed ahead of time to assist us in getting to know you and your health concerns in a timely and comprehensive manner.

  1. Basic Intake Form - This form is a three-page document that must be completed before your initial visit. In this form, you begin the process of “telling us all about yourself”. This includes writing out your top three concerns and ending with a timeline of your health history starting at childhood until your current health issues. You will need to bring this completed form to your first visit.
  2. Medical Symptom Questionnaire/Review of Systems (MSQ/ROS) - This is a two-page document that needs to be completed prior to your initial visit and all follow-up visits. This Symptom Questionnaire is utilized at each visit to monitor symptoms in many body systems/categories. Please read the directions carefully on each side and total each section and overall score just prior to your visit.

**Ideally we would like these forms approx. 2 weeks prior to your first visit so please email, drop off, mail or fax your completed forms to the location of your first visit with one of our Integrative Medicine providers.

Stanley office visit with Dr. Ted Williams or Jeff Evilsizor PA

Please utilize one of the following options to return the reviewed/completed forms to our office.

College Park Family Care of Stanley
Attn: Integrative Medicine
15101 Glenwood Ave.
Stanley, KS 66223

Olathe Northwest Visits with Amanda Morris APRN

Please utilize one of the following options to return the reviewed/completed forms to our office.

College Park Olathe Northwest
Attn: Integrative Medicine
11164 S. Noble Drive, Suite 200
Olathe, KS 66061

**It is recommended that patients keep a copy of completed paperwork for their own future reference.

We understand that there can be unforeseen circumstances that have prevented completion of these initial visit intake forms. In these rare cases, you will be given these forms when you check in. However, it is very important that you come 20-30 minutes early to complete all the necessary paper work.

Due to high demand for our clinic, timeliness is imperative to meeting the needs of each of our patients. Your preparation and promptness helps us to honor and adequately treat our patients.

For follow-up visits, please come with your MSQ/ROS form already completed. If you have not completed these forms prior to your visits, you will be given these forms when you check in.

It is very important to follow through on all the recommendations made at your initial visit for best outcomes. It might be helpful to bring a written list of any questions you may have for the integrative medicine team to address at your follow up visits.

  1. Medical Symptom Questionnaire/Review of Systems (MSQ/ROS) - This is a two-page document (already discussed in the “Preparing for Your First Visit” section) will be the only form you repeat and bring to every visit.

Commercial Insurance Plans: If you have an insurance plan that is participating with College Park Family Care, the time you spend with the Integrative Medicine team of clinicians is billed to your insurance under your Integrative Medicine Providers name. It has been our experience that most insurance plans have covered this clinic very well, but because of high deductibles and differences in insurance plans, there have been some exceptions so we cannot guarantee coverage. Please contact your insurance to be sure your Integrative Medicine provider is on your plan for best coverage.

Medicare: If you are currently a patient at College Park Family Care Center the time spent with your Integrative Medicine provider can be billed to your Medicare plan.

Current Commercial Insurance Billing Rates: for the time spent with the integrative medicine provider

Below is the current pricing for FMC Visits.

  • First visit: 60 minutes: New to College Park Patient: $397.00
  • First visit: 60 minutes: Established College Park Patient Initial/Restart: $280.00
  • 2nd Visit/Ongoing Follow up-30-45 minute: $209.00-30 min. or $280.00-45 min.

Self-pay rates:: 35% below the insurance billing rates as listed above.

*The $ amounts listed are subject to price increases so please check with our front desk for up to date visit amounts based on the codes and time spent for each visit.

*Most Integrative medicine patients require one initial visit with 2-6 follow up visits spread out over a 6 to 12 month period depending on the specific case and treatment plan. Most patients are seen initially on a once per month and then on an every 3-4 month basis for follow up.

Additional dietitian services

Medicare patients do not have coverage to the dietitian separately unless they have a diagnosis of Diabetes or Renal Disease (CKD stages 1-4). If they choose to see the dietitian, the self-pay rates apply.

Integrative Medicine Clinic Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)/dietitian visits

Medical Nutrition Therapy with one of our integrative medicine trained dietitians is foundational to your treatment plan. The diet and lifestyle changes, coaching and the targeted supplemental support based on your lab assessments that will be recommended are one of the heaviest weighted interventions in the integrative medicine approach. Many Insurance companies do not always cover dietitian visits but the pricing for a visit and class options are well worth it given the improved outcomes we have observed. We strongly encourage at least 3 visits one on one visits for all of our integrative medicine patients.

College Park Family Care wants you to be aware of the billing process and your options. Many private insurance companies have specific guidelines for dietitian visits but each plan may vary as to if and how many visits they will cover. (See current coverage information).