Preparation should begin by getting to know the doctor doing your colonoscopy. A consultation with your Endoscopist will allow you to understand the colonoscopy procedure and the preparation instructions, and will also allow your physician to review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and answer questions you may have regarding your procedure.

Preparation for colonoscopy involves cleaning out the colon so that your Physician is able to visualize the colon completely. A “clean colon “ essential for a thorough exam of the colon. Without being adequately “cleaned out” for colonoscopy, it is more difficult to see abnormalities in the colon.

A typical preparation for a colonoscopy includes:

  • A period of clear liquids (usually 24 hours before the study).
  • Drinking plenty of fluids the day before your procedure.
  • Drinking a laxative or cathartic which will flush through the colon. Stools should look like slightly colored water by the completion of the preparation.

You will receive written instructions for a Colonoscopy prep which are also available to review online below: